SIMAD Techincal Service

Continuous training of our qualified engineers and technicians to guarantee the efficiency of your service.

A complete managing of the national technical assistance service through our staff in Italy, led us to organize courses and maintenance programs built on the experience of more than 400 equipment installed and maintained in the country.
Through these specific training courses for maintenance and repair we train continuously the technicians of our partner companies who distribute our brand.

Thanks to this network of experienced staff we guarantee rapid technical interventions anywhere in the world.



Your operating continuity is our mission, that’s why we commit ourselves to have always the spare part that you need.

Each technician has remote access to the corporate database to check the availability of spare parts and through international couriers you can receive them within 24/48 hours.


The experience and expertise of our specialized Technician assure high level performing products.

Education and passion are peculiarities of the whole technical staff.