SIMAD Engineering

“A Company in the Company”

The innovative and creative soul of SIMAD is able to go beyond the design of Mobile C-Arms


Simad Engineering collects experiences and skills of expert engineers who are able to make medical word’s needs become challenges and opportunities. They then achieve solutions never fulfilled making products capable to meet completely our customers’ requirements and needs.

In this way, these new products and solutions completely revolutionize the working approach in the health field.


As, for example, CLEANiRad, the first and only one device for washing, sanitizing and drying the personal protection device from ionizing radiations (PPE), solving a problem of hygienic safety towards Patients and Operators which nobody has not taken care of before.


Other examples of innovation in radioprotection are the EXAMiRad, a mobile device never designed before which allows to check PPI integrity and accordingly meet labour safety regulations, and the iRadProMaP®, a software capable to efficiently manage all PPI inside the hospital.


The flexibility of SIMAD Engineering Team gives the opportunity to act in different fields of the medical sector: SagoPorter is the proof of this.
SagoPorter is a motorized device, used to move beds and stretchers inside the hospital and it is able to reduce the risk of injury to the spine due to the loads handling, with consequent cost saving of the hospital.


Where you find a problem, SIMAD Engineering sees the solution.

We are ready to listen to your needs.