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SIMAD’s Application Software Range



Static radiological image acquisition software




Software for dynamic imaging (@25fps) and static radiological image acquisition




Vascular procedures software. Functions included: angiography DSA module in digital subtraction with dynamic acquisition at 25 fps, Roadmapping, Pixel shift, Land Mask, Max opacity.



Dynamic Density Compensation (DDC)

Automatic compensation of the underexposed and overexposed areas to provide a perfect balancing of the image

Through the DDC specific algorithm the exposure parameters are adjusted in real time in relation to the intensity of radiation acquired by the sensor. Thanks to this algorithm are not necessary anatomical programs based on average patients. The exposure parameters will be automatically adjusted according to the actual patient characteristics.


Low Dose Control (LDC)

Using the reasonably achievable dose to obtain the required diagnostic quality images

LDC optimize with efficiency the image information path, acting on the reduction of the input dose without penalizing the quality of the final outcome.

This leads to obtain an automatic and precise control of the useful lowest dose needed, and it is the expression of our commitment to adhere to the ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) to reduce radiation dose to the lowest possible level.


Preview without radiological exposure

Moonray Systems software allows to omit all exposures which are not strictly aimed to image acquisition for diagnostic purposes.

Iris collimator preview

The collimator’s opening and closing span can be set directly on the monitor’s image by keeping a dynamic digital icon as a landmark, the collimator can be positioned without x-ray exposure.



Preview of semitransparent compensator

Through the digital icons available on the image monitor, the user can open and close the semitransparent compensators and rotate them clockwise and anti-clockwise to the desired position. Without x-ray exposure.



Image rotation

Image rotation, which is finalized to align radiological standards, can be seen in digital modality without x-ray exposure. A simple icon and the digital preview allows for the quick and precise orientation of the image on the monitor. Also vertical and horizontal reversals of image are obtained digitally, with no need of x-ray exposure.



DICOM® Software Package

Moonray Systems can be upgrated whenever needed thanks to the possibility to install Dicom® Options on the workstation.

  • Printing
  • Storage
  • Work List
  • Master Kit
  • Query & Retrieve


DICOM Dose Report (DDR)

Handle the recording and storage radiation dose information, in DICOM RDSR format

At the end of the procedure DICOM Dose Report™ enables the automatic compiling of dosimetric folder with the Radiation Dose Structured Report (RDSR) DICOM standard.

The DICOM Dose Report has been developed to incorporate most of the information needed to obtain the radiation output from imaging devices and this information can then be used to estimate the radiation dose.


Automatic Dose Report (ADR)

Know the exact exposure dose given to the patient, by calculating it for each surgical application

Built-in ADR system automatically calculate the dose report of each procedure. Dose reports readily available to be stored into the patient’s file or printed.


Full Digital System (FDS)

An open system for communicating, storing and post-processing your radiological images and acquisitions

Nowadays medicine requires ever-growing solutions that communicate without limits and this is possible only through the use of digital solutions. SIMAD has developed and made real an open system which can remain updated in time.

  • DICOM software package
  • Digital film printer
  • High Capacity DVD/CD
  • USB connection
  • Remote Training and Assistance
  • TCP/IP Network
  • Memory storage capacity over 250.000 images


Export your best imaging procedures in the most common files format for conference reports, training and congresses.


STATLab | Analysis and study of DAP Data


You can download DAP Data stored on your Moonray System into an external workstation, and then study data under physics-mathematic points of view. Data downloading can be done from whatever Moonray System and this allows a detailed analysis of the equipment functions and functionalities.


The software allows the analysis of DAP Data, exposure duration, voltage and current in relation to:

  • Patient
  • Type of procedure
  • Reference unit

Considering these variables, it is possible to calculate total amount, average and variance.


The analysis’ reports can be printed or saved as PDF format or whatever format compatible with Microsoft Excel, in order to be used on whatever personal computer.


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