iRadPro MaP – X-ray Protections Management Software

The iRadProMap® interactive software system designed and developed by the SIMAD Medical Engineering Department allows for a dynamic management system in relation to your in house PPE Inventory system – keeping traceability, integrity and registered number of washing and disinfecting cycles updated for each individual protection product.


It increases the safety conditions and ensures the full management system covering all of the Personal Protection Products against the emitted radiations.


All of the relevant functions for a real PPE management system

  • Documented nominal allocation of each protection product
  • Full traceability of each protection product
  • Full life cycle of each protection product
  • Computerized management and disposal procedure for each protection product.


Created to improve services and optimize resources

  • Managing electronic radiological PPE archives
  • Simple and quick reorder on supplies or disposal processes on worn out garments
  • Tracking & tracing all of the existing garments and accessories as well as new purchasing activities (washing cycles, inspections, status checkings, …)
  • Documenting annual economic needs with the system facts, numbers and figures.


Remote access from any computer.

Extremely intuitive software system developed to work with the most popular web browsers with no need to intervene on local sites


Full management of registered users.

Wide customization of privileges and qualifications for a safe & monitored access to the system.


Centralized updates

The iRadProMap® software system guarantees an updated system all the time. Available in a local version installed