X-ray Mobile Barriers

Our range of mobile x-ray barriers is designed by SIMAD Medical Engineering Department and manufactured entirely in Italy.


  • Inside leaded protection sheeting (rigid panels) of 2mm Pb
  • Lead glass viewing windows of 2,1 mm Pb lead equivalent available in different sizes or Lead acrylic window protection level .5mm Pb (depending by the model)
  • Fire rated plastic laminate coating
  • Full outer plastic laminate coating in white as per standard supply – crash-proof PVC finished (all of the 4 outer framing sides – lateral PVC coating physical thickness 1 mm all over)
  • Optional outer plastic laminate coating colours on request only: either turquoise or green
  • 4 twin wheels on castors – 100 mm each – 2 of those come available with breaking system features
  • Anti-static wheels avaialable on request only
  • Electronic tag for identification and management purposes over times through our iRadProMap management software system as per standard supply

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